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I'm not sure what to write.

I think I want to start blogging again. I'm just not sure what to write. When I was in eighth grade I had so much time, and so little fear of reticule.  I wasn't worried that people would find my blogs petty and boring. The only thing I worried about was getting too personal on my blog. I was afraid for my safety online and stuff like that.

I miss those days. Now I am too busy to blog. I have homework and friends. I used to barely see my friends outside of school. Now I go to movies, booksignings, the mall....things I used to only ever do with my mom until this year. I know this is what a healthy social life looks like...but it is still weird. I really and truly miss blogging.

I'm not sure how to get readership up. I want to write a funny, insightful blog...I'm just not sure how.


Time changes people. Time changes things. I am such a different person than the last time I posted an entry. I am about a month from 16 now. In my last entry I was a day from being 15. It's funny. A lot of the things I loved then I don't care about anymore. I have grown up so much.

The teen section of my local newspaper I wrote for (http://ren-not-lauren.livejournal.com/27374.html) got canceled. After it ended, I grew up some and my dreams changed. I don't want to be a journalist anymore...I want to be an Unitarian Universalist (UU) minister.

Some people probably don't know what an UU is. A basic summary would be that it is a liberal religion that incouragers divercity. A UU can be Christian, Atheists, Jewish, whatever. The point is we all go to the same service, we all believe in the seven principals(www.uua.org/visitors/6798.shtml), and other things that connect us. We do lots of social service work...so yeah. It feels so different to dream of being a Unitarian Universalist minister than when I wanted to be a journalist. There is a difference between wanting to be a journalist and feeling a calling to be a minister. A calling is so much stronger.

I'm not really sure why I am writing this...I mean, who will read it? I haven't posted an entry in a long time, or posted comments either...Oh well.

Maybe I'll post soon. Maybe not. Time will tell.


March Third is...

March third is the day that seems to drag by every year. It slowly passes, each minute ticking.

March fourth on the other hand always seems to zoom by, Filled with fun and birthday wishes.

Yep. Tomorrow is my birthday. I am so super excited.

Last weekend my dad, grandma, Cathy (a family friend) and I ate had an early b-day celebration (because tomorrow is a school day and all.) It was pretty epic. :)

Then tonight my mom, stepdad and I had cupcakes since I'm with my dad for my actual birthday...( I forgot to take a picture before we ate them.)

Then on Friday my friends are sleeping over...I'll post pictures Saturday.

I am so excited.

So much celebrating! :)

I have a feeling fifteen is going to be a good year.

Plus, now it's only 6 months til I can get my driving permit! Yay. And only a year until a real driver's license. Cool stuff. Lol.
Have a fab night/day everyone!


Lately I've been thinking a lot about change. Things change, people change (sometimes). Change is hard...but good.

You know how a while back about the possiblility of my editor getting laid off? Well it happened. All us Satelliters (teen section of my local paper) miss Jenny like crazy, but we enjoy having Barbra- former editor back...She's doing an entire extra job for free, because she cares about us so much. :)

But it's not only that that's got me thinking about change...Recently I've been talking (on facebook) to this guy I was friends with eight years ago in 1st grade. We hadn't talked in like 3 years (since 5th grade), and I can't get over how differnt he is. Like how different his picture looks, and...well just everything.

I'm sure I'm way differnt too, but it just seems weird. You don't see the changes in yourself or people you don't lose touch with, because those are gradual and you see yourself and your friends day to day....

As you can tell, I've been thinking about this stuff a lot resently...

My mom is a theripist and she always says "people don't change, except sometimes, with a lot of work." Which is a sad thing for a theipst to say, right? I know she's the simi-expert, but I  don't entirly agree....I mean as we grow we learn, from mistakes and hopefully those change us. I'd like to think that I'm not the same person I was in say, first grade. You know?

Well that's all for tonight!
Good Night everyone.

Freaking out ever so slightly...

I've been trying to be a good little blogger and go read and comment on other people's posts before I write my own, because that's just the order I normally do this stuff in...but I have a very low tolerance level right now. Because I am sort of freaking out.

You know how I write for Satellite the teen section of my local paper? Well tonight I went to our weekly meeting, and was met with scary news. We knew something was wrong when not only did our editor walk into the meeting, but her editor (the person who was our editor) as well. "It seems like we're in trouble or something." Someone remarked. He was right, but not in the way you might think.

Today at 5:45, 15 minutes before our meeting, my editor got a e-mail that said she has to be at a meeting at ten tomorrow morning. There was no greeting to the message, and no explanation. When Barbra (Jenny's-my editor- editor) heard about the e-mail she went to a very high up editor and was told that there was nothing allowed to be told about what's going on tomorrow.

Jenny and Barbra have managed to piece together that a lot of graphic designers, and all the other new people (Jenny's fairly new) were also sent that e-mail. All the heads of departments are being sent to another conference room at the same time.

We are all afraid Jenny is going to get layed off, and Satellite will die. Or change in a major way. Like maybe Barbra will be our editor again for no pay. Or something else. I don't know what will happen I just know that I can't imagine my life without Satellite in it. Without being able to write for Satellite, or see my Satellite friends.

Things are changing and while, in the long run, Satellite may be okay, for tonight I am freaking out.

I hope everyone else had a good day!


P.S. Jenny is going to text all the Satellite people with cell phones tomorrow after her meeting, and for the first time I'm gonna be a bad girl and take my cell out during school. Carefully, so I don't get it taken away. Lol.

Laying on the ground, downtown

So today I had to take some pictures of doors, for my photography class I have in school. I'll have to develop the film like right after break...so anyways, my mom drove me to downtown Tulsa and we scouted out interesting doors.

It sounds simple, snap a few pictures of doors, right? Well, I thought it would be simple, but I ended up laying, sitting, and squatting multiple times on the sidewalks of downtown to get the perfect shot of doors. It was fun actually. Kind of an adrenaline rush, like I know it's not sociably acceptable, or whatever. I don't think anyone saw me, though...downtown was deserted, since it's new years day.

So that's how I started my 2009. Laying on the ground downtown! :) I think the pictures are pretty good, at least...they'd better be after that!

Have a great 2009 everyone!

Forgot to post

Want some tips on keeping your resolutions this year? Read my fellow Satelliter's (teen section of my local paper) article. Or maybe you'd like to skip the resolution thing this year. One Satelliter wrote a coulmn about how pointless resolutions may be. Another Satelliter wrote about traditions.
Did that sound like a sales pitch? Well it kind of was...to get ya'll to read my friend's articles! ;)
Happy New Years everyone!!

New Years Resolutions

First off, let me wish everyone who celebrates New Years a happy one (I've heard some people don't celebrate it...) I hope everyone has a spectacular new year.

Okay, so I know I have been a terrible blogger lately, but gosh, homework was crazy at the start of the year. It slowed down a bit in the weeks before winter break, and I'm hoping the trend of less homework keeps up! :) So, my first resolution is to blog more, provided that I have less homework, that is. I think I can accomplish this since I have my own laptop now (I got it for Christmas).

All my resolutions count on less homework.

My next resolution is to write more on the novel I started back in November during Nanowrimo. Given the homework situation (and the dumb little fact that I volunteered to write too many articles for Satellite (teen section of local paper-Tulsa World) during November) I did the stupid young writers nanowrimo program, and wrote very little.

My resolution is to read more, I've only read maybe 20 books since August, when school started. That's way less than last year, so I need to get right on that.

I know that a lot of people make resolutions like to spend more time with family or whatever, but being a teen that's not what I'm into. Plus my parents (by that I mean my mom, stepdad and dad) and I are pretty close anyways, and I have good relationships with my other relatives.

So I know a while back I promised to post a link to my article in Satellite, you know the one I mentioned about teens, parents, teachers and texting...www.tulsaworld.com/satellite/article.aspx
I have a couple other things coming out sorta soon, I'll post links as soon as they're up.

Well, I guess that's it...I really will be posting more in 2009.
Happy New Years!


I has been half of forever since I posted last. More specifically it's been since October 14th. Also that's about that last time I actually logged on to live journal. Everything has been uber crazy.

Fist off, high school. Pre-AP Biology may kill me. I mean I have a B...but I have to work so hard to achieve it. And Pre-AP English is challenging too. Annotating was fun until our teacher assigned us 128 pages due in about a week, from To Kill a Mockingbird. (Which by the way is a very good book.)

In high school there is so much more homework and that means I have a lot less time to read. I mean since school started I have read maybe fifteen books. :( I miss having a new book every day. *Sigh.*

Also being on Satellite (teen section of my local paper) is the most enriching yet time consuming thing I have ever encountered (except NaNoWriMo). I will have a new article on December 15th about texting parents, talking about whether it's creepy or cool. I am uber excited. I'll post a link then.

Well that's all for now...Oh wait, if I don't sound uber high school student enough, how's this? This weekend I have something planned everyday (Friday- school's winter formal, Saturday- my friend's quincineta, Sunday- volunteering at a powwow.) :) I love being in high school


I have actual free time tonight, this is an amazing thing! :) I have been so busy recently. High school is harder than I imagined it would be. Plus I had to work on this article for my local paper's teen section!

So much has gone on at school. New friends, new crushes, new teachers, more homework. Though it is hard, confusing, and stressful at times, I'm managing.

Well off to write a couple entries for book_sniffer , my book reviewing blog
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